Why people still buy mechanical replica watches with manual chains

Why do people still buy mechanical replica watches with manual chains?

1. Mechanical and mechanical replica omega watches are usually thin automatic mechanical watches (because there are no automatic handhelds and automatic toys), so today there are still many watch fake watches made by mechanical movements, which is very elegant. Representative works are Ref. 5119, 5196, 5123 and so on.

It is inconsistent with people and people. People who love someone or have a mechanical heart feel that it is very enjoyable to draw a love map every morning, but those who don't like it may feel uncomfortable. And because the manual machine is very thin, the spring's power reserve fake Rolex is usually less than 40 hours (a long hand-made knob), if the day does not stretch, the replica watch may stop.

3. The unique movement of the top model car. In other words, someone with a little "practice" will be able to judge the quality and price range of the clock from this process. Once you have this feeling fake rolex watches, it is natural to satisfy the string.

4. The control structure of the host is relatively simple, and the maintenance cost is usually lower than that of the automatic kernel.